Goals for the Rehearsal Component of LCMC

quartet rehearsing

  1. Give each student ownership of the creative process. Each student should feel responsibility to the group. Their individual efforts will be rewarded as the group learns to function as a unified team.
  2. Encourage communication within the group. Students must learn to analyze the music and to verbally communicate their ideas to others in the ensemble. We practice the art of offering suggestions to others in a positive and supportive way. We also practice the difficult art of accepting ideas from peers without becoming defensive or combative.
  3. Encourage communication through the music. Fundamentally, music is about communicating emotions. We help students understand what the composer is trying to communicate through them to the audience. Young students are fully capable of delving into the depths of the emotional content of music.
  4. Help students develop the ability to simultaneously lead and follow with their breathing and body movements as the music demands. Unlike orchestra playing, chamber playing requires that each member become the conductor at times. Learning when to lead and when to follow is an important skill in chamber music, and the ultimate skill is leading and following at the same time!
  5. Help students develop the critical listening techniques important in chamber music. Students should start asking themselves the following questions: Am I ahead or behind the ensemble? Am I playing with correct relative intonation? Is my articulation style matching the others? Am I playing too soft or loud in relation to the group sound? Does the group have a unified interpretation of the music?
  6. Encourage students to reach beyond their potential and to be inspired by the others in the group. I want every student to take pleasure in the success of the group, and not just in the success of their individual part. In this way, they will be inspired to practice their individual part.
  7. Show students that chamber music is fun. To work through the creative process with one's peers is deeply satisfying.