Private Teachers

The most important component of classical music training is receiving private lessons from a qualified teacher. LCMC recognizes the importance of private study in the development of any musician. Therefore, we will only accept students in our chamber music program who continue to study with a qualified teacher. It is most important that the private teacher stay informed with the complete repertoire his/her student is undertaking. We work directly with our students' private teachers to select suitable repertoire that will be enjoyable, challenging, and within reach given the student's current technical proficiency.

We ask that our students take the chamber music piece(s) that they have been assigned to their lesson to get fingerings and bowings and to learn their individual part in order to maximize the experience of the group coaching. This music should be practiced regularly along with other music assigned in their lesson.

If a teacher is concerned with the level of music that has been assigned in a group, he/she should contact LCMC to discuss the situation and to help select alternatives.