About LCMC

Lexington Chamber Music Center (LCMC) promotes the study of classical chamber music to help students become more accomplished musicians and to find fulfillment in their musical lives.

Our philosophy is that studying music in small chamber ensembles provides a supportive and stimulating environment in which students are better able to learn and grow.

We coach students and amateur musicians of all ages.  Generally, we feel that students are ready to work in a small ensemble when they have completed Suzuki book 4 or the equivalent.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our approach with your child’s private teacher in order to coordinate our coaching with your child’s private study.

"When everyone gives 100 percent toward a mutual goal in a rehearsal, coaching, or performance, the result is magic—these moments truly capture the exhilaration of music-making."

Elizabeth Joy Roe, Juilliard

"Chamber music develops students' artistry in unique ways. An honest and imaginative commitment to the chamber music process provides students with tools to wrestle with challenges that inevitably arise when articulate individuals get together to make beautiful music."

Bärli Nugent, Assistant Dean, Juilliard

"Without a doubt, chamber music will be one of the most important and rewarding parts of your musical life. Becoming a versatile chamber music player with a large and varied repertoire should be one of your main goals as a musician, regardless if you become a professional musician or continue playing chamber music throughout your life as an amateur player. There is nothing like the fantastic experience of making beautiful music together with your friends. It's great fun!"

Mikhail Istomin, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra